Eyewash Safety is Important for Vancouver Janitorial Cleaners

November 4, 2017

When it comes to safety, Ultra-Tech Cleaning Systems want to make sure that eyewash safety is important for Vancouver Janitorial Cleaners. Steps must be taken to ensure the safety of all staff…… interesting article….

Janitorial closets often are overlooked when facilities are evaluated for their compliance to shower and eyewash requirements. After all, isn’t it just a place where cleaners, paper products, mops and buckets are stored? But slide over the paper towels and you often will find an array of chemicals that could prove hazardous to an employee’s health.

Sometimes these chemicals will be loose bottles of chlorine, grout cleaner or ammonia; other times they will be part of an elaborate dispensing system of concentrated chemicals connected to the janitor’s mop sink faucet. The danger arises when an employee is handling, transferring or diluting these concentrated chemicals from one container to another. Even a small splash of a concentrated cleaning chemical can be harmful to the eye.

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